About us

Cutting your passions
with passion!

Made in Italy

Tagly is a completely Italian company, committed into creating products that reflect the quality that distinguishes the manufacturing of excellence in our country. All of our suppliers are Italians very experience companies.

Cooperative design

Our desire is to create total cooperation between us and young artists eager to grow together. For each Tagly sold the artist who created the artwork will receive 5% of the sale.

Quality Materials

Tagly use only the best quality materials. We research them with the help of our suppliers and we test them ourselves to assure our customers the best quality possible. We are still a new company and we do our best to improve every day.
Tagly was born from the desire to create objects that can demonstrate our passions to everyone and does it in the coolest way of all, laser cutting metal, and a touch of rgb led’s!

We need artists!

You have and idea, we will cut it. Every time we will sell a Tagly piece with your design you will get a “cut”. If you are interested in working with us, fill the registration box!


Need help with Tagly System? Check out our tutorials!

Artist Contest

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