How to customize your home,
if you are a nerd!

New home, boring furniture

It happens to everyone, you have just moved, the house is empty, or the owner is a great lover of supermarket prints, combined with beautiful religious paintings, crucifix included. Not all of us are passionate and capable interior designers – black belts from the Ikea catalog – so in this article, you will find some solutions to amaze you and who will come to visit you. What is certain is that if you are here you are passionate about TV series, video games, and movies, so let’s start with some tips to customize your home and make it nerdier!

 1. Geek lamps

  • Playstation logo
  • Lamps for Nintendo fans
  • For Marvel fans

2. LEDs, where to put them?

  • 2.2 led for the living room
  • 2.2 led for the desk
  • 2.3 LEDs for bedroom

3. Tagly, laser cut nerd art 


4. A library to contain them all!

Geek lamps

Are you wondering what a Tagly is? Tagly is an aluminum and plexiglass backlit RGB LEDs completely customized with the color you like best.

We make all our creations in Italy with the help of expert companies in the sector to give you a truly unique picture that makes you proud to exhibit your passions.
A real alternative to the classic prints that you can find in countless online sites.

Playstation Logo

If you are a passionate and loyal user of Playstation, you should Keep in mind this table lamp, is perfect to “set” the mood in your living room!

For Nintendo fans

Or has your passion always been the other Japanese console manufacturer, Nintendo? Great, then it’s time to grab a Toad! Colorful and nice it could be perfect to liven up a corner of your home, with a unique style.

For Marvel fans

We conclude the part, nerd lamps, with one last “disruptive” advice, this Iron Man lamp, which literally breaks even the walls!

Led, the more the better!

Let’s face it, a nerd house, without led, preferably RGB, is not a real nerd house. They are the very essence of the nerdiness that resides in us.

Where to put them?

The right answer would be everywhere, but since we have to maintain a minimum of decorum let’s see some strategic points to illuminate your home and make it shine with nerd light!

Led to backlight the TV:

they are fantastic for the aesthetics of the whole living room, they will highlight your television in the evening, while watching your favorite TV series with friends. In addition, for many people, they are also great for less straining the eyesight during the sleepless night of binge-watching!

You can find many different types, from the simplest with only a command directly inserted on the LED strip itself, to the most technological ones, with remote control and application to be able to decide precisely which color will illuminate your living room. 

Behind your desk

if you have a PC station at home it is essential to make it unique with an RGB led strip. The same goes for TVs, less stress on the eyes, more nerd power at your service to destroy your online opponents!

Behind the head of the bed

Here we touch the real maximum peak of nerdiness. If you want to show everyone how nerdy you are nothing beats putting LEDs on the head of the bed. The effect may be a bit excessive for some, but if you want to impress, this is definitely the right way!

Tagly, nerd art, laser cut!

If you want to amaze anyone who will visit you in your new home, we offer you a Tagly!

Perfect in any room you want to put it, as it is minimal but always able to attract attention.

Completely made in Italy using high-quality materials, each painting is designed inspired by TV series, cult films, and video games.

Inside they have RGB LEDs controllable via application from your smartphone and the LEDs really make everything better. You can choose any color you want and change it as you want when you want!

These paintings are unique and innovative as the absolute precision of laser cutting is combined with creativity, all this creates a product that can always create curiosity!

In case you do not find today a perfect Tagly for you, and for your passions, follow us on Instagram so you can stay updated on our new paintings!

A library to contain them all!

Books, Blu-rays, manga, tv series, video games, comics, graphic novels, action figures… The list could go on and on with all the objects that we love and that we consequently collect. It is therefore time to proudly display them and highlight them. Here the Ikea bookcase section becomes essential to contain costs and have an excellent result. Names like Billy, Finnby, without forgetting the timeless Kallax will be your best allies in this adventure. In addition, Ikea has several solutions for lighting bookcases that are very easy to assemble, such as the kit YTBERG, which will allow you to easily highlight your collection. If you prefer a more versatile solution but also a little more complex in the installation, our old friends‘ RGB led strips can be attached inside the compartments of the library.

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