How to make money with your designs,
if you are a beginner

How to turn a passion into a profitable project? many times we ask ourselves this question, but many times this is not answered. For designers, there are several possibilities to earn from their designs.

In this article, we want to show you some of the best possibilities especially

if you are a beginner and need to start from scratch, or almost.

1. Sell on your site

  • 1.2 web builder (Squarespace, Wix)
  • 1.3 WordPress
  • 1.4 Pros and cons of web builder

2. Fiverr

  • 2.2. What is Fiverr
  • 2.3. Pros and cons of Fiverr

3. Etsy

  • 3.2. Selling o Etsy
  • 3.3. Pros and cons of Etsy

. Become a Tagly artist

  • 4.2 what is Tagly

Sell your designs on your website

If you have an online following, be it on Instagram, Tik Tok, or another social platform, you could consider creating your website, where you can show your creations and put them on sale!

Web builders 

There are several online web-building platforms it can be complex to orient yourself among the many and choose the perfect one for your needs. Fortunately, a site to exhibit your creations must be very simple and must have as its main purpose to present your art in a professional way making it stand out at best.

All these platforms have many similarities, almost all have free trial periods, but at the end of this period you will need to pay to access
all the functionalities necessary to have a site that is not only functional but also professional.
Some examples of very reputable and working web builders are Wix, Squarespace, and GoDaddy. To get started, we recommend that you try Squarespace or Wix, as both are very simple and intuitive.


If, on the other hand, you want to delve into the world of website building, WordPress is perfect for you. This completely free platform is the basis of almost all the sites you use every day.

Using this solution will take you much longer as you will have to learn how to install it, buy your hosting, and study a minimum of HTML to then be able to fix your favorite theme, which you can find on ThemeForest.

However, we advise you to search youtube for one of the many tutorials on how to start this so. We recommend you take a look at this tutorial on how to install WordPress to get started!

 So let’s see together what are the pros and cons of this type of solution!

    Pros and Cons of Web Builders/WordPress

    Pros of web builders:

    • extremely easy to start without technical bases
    • many templates to choose from
    •  simple and complete management of all payment methods
    • hosting and mail included in the subscription
    •  online support
    •  site ready for smartphones and tablets

     Cons of web builders:

    •  high costs
    •  non-total customization of templates
    WordPress Pro:

    •  free platform
    • many free themes
    • fully customizable in every aspect
    • if properly programmed very fast navigation

    Cons WordPress:

    • need for technical bases of HTML and CSS
    • paid hosting (web space)
    • takes time to get to a professional result
    • needs many plug-ins to adapt to your necessities

    Selling on Fiverr

    On this site, you can create different “gigs” to attract potential customers looking for creative solutions! For example, if you are a passionate portraitist, you could offer your service by creating a “gig” specifically for this!

    Or if you love to draw anime, you could offer to create illustrations in this style for brochures, flyers, or others.

    On Fiverr, you will not sell your designs directly but you can earn from your artistic skills.  We advise you to create different “gigs”, trying to think about what can potentially serve a customer, to attract as many people as possible.

    You will decide what is the right price for your work taking into account that the platform will retain  20% for each job you complete.

    It’s normal for your customers to tip if they’re happy with your work, but even more important are the reviews they’ll leave you. The latter is essential to give you authority in the eyes of potential customers.

    Pros and Cons of Fiverr

    The Pros of Fiverr:

    • easy to find jobs
    • no cost to get started
    • possibility of recurring customers
    • you can create different “gigs” to find more customers
     Cons of Fiverr:

    • high competitiveness
    • prices at the beginning can be low to attract customers and positive reviews
    • 20 % retention for each job done

    Selling on Etsy

    Etsy offers the possibility to sell your creations directly on their platform by creating your own real online shop.

    You will find many sellers of the most disparate items. It can certainly be an excellent solution to start as it is extremely used by many users, ready to find new creative solutions of high quality.

    On Etsy, you can sell both digital and physical creations. 

    This allows you to express your creativity in different ways, you can print your designs on different supports, and turn them into posters or paintings.

    Pros and Cons of Etsy

    Etsy Pros:

    • high number of users of the site
    • possibility to sell your creations at an appropriate price
    • getting started is free

     Cons of Etsy:

    • commission of 6.5% for each item sold
    • high competitiveness
    • impossible to customize your shop

    Become a Tagly artist!

    Tagly is a new company that creates laser-cut aluminum paintings  and backlit with RGB LEDs.

    All our paintings are themed to TV series, movies, and video games and are created by our artists.

    We provide video tutorials to learn the basic rules for creating designs suitable for laser cutting, as well as email assistance for clarification.

    Every time a Tagly with your design is sold you will receive a 5% commission.

    The only thing you need to do to become a Tagly artist is to look at our artists section where you can sign up and send us your portfolio of drawings.

    If you are interested in becoming one of our artists, take a look at our Instagram to see the Tagly finished and those that will come out, created by artists like you!

    Want see some exemples of Tagly Art?

    Let’s do some shop!