Laser print your drawings

You are drawing on your graphic tablet, you have been working on this drawing for hours, maybe days. You worked so hard to make it perfect in every detail, it took a big effort to get that result but you are finally done! And now? Well, you can certainly post it on Instagram and show it to your friends and those who follow you, but this time would you like to be able to transform this drawing into something material?

A physical object, which you can exhibit to anyone, in your studio or at home. Well then know that there are many different ways to enhance and make your design unique from the most standard to an innovative technology capable of revolutionizing the wall where you want to put it, laser printing!

Choose the right option for your needs

The options are different, you could have it printed on canvas, or have it become a poster.

For example, for a bedroom, the poster might be the most effective solution, while for a living room, printing on canvas may be a better choice. These solutions are certainly effective but be careful, sometimes the final result may not be up to expectations.

Picture Quality

The quality of your image must be high enough to have a smooth and pleasing eye result. This problem is even more present in case you want to have a large format print.

A solution to this problem can be found by vectorizing your image. By transforming an image (jpeg, png…) into a vector file you can decide the desired size yourself. Of course, not all designs are suitable for this type of process but in some situations, you could solve the problem effectively.

A very simple way to convert your draw, and see if it suitable for laser cutting is using convertio. You can use this website to upload your picture and convert it in whatever vector file you want!

Tagly – laser cutting to expose your passions

Are you wondering what a Tagly is? Tagly is an aluminum and plexiglass backlit RGB LEDs completely customized with the color you like best.

We make all our creations in Italy with the help of expert companies in the sector to give you a truly unique picture that makes you proud to exhibit your passions.

A real alternative to the classic prints that you can find in countless online sites.

A unique and innovative
method to display your images

For laser printing, it is essential to have a vector file or one that once transformed remains sensible in this format.

There are several rules to have an effective and satisfying result to follow, so if you are an artist we advise you to watch this tutorial which will give you the basics to understand how to make your design perfect for laser cutting.

If, on the other hand, you have found an image that you would like to enhance with this technique, please contact us directly on Instagram or click here and send us your drawing!Tagly for your custom!

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